Passive House Consulting Services

Energy Modeling

Design phase energy modeling utilizing the PHPP (Passive House Planning Package) to optimize structures assemblies and mechanical equipment in order to minimize energy intensity.

Thermal Bridge Calculations

Utilizing THERM and WUFI PLUS thermal bridge potential can be evaluated and condensation potential for mold formation can be determined to prevent occupants’ health hazards and structural deterioration.

Solar Shading Analysis

Utilizing the Solar Pathfinder an analysis of solar shading can be implemented to assess solar gains required for the PHPP energy modeling.

Lean Construction and Integrated Project Delivery Implementation

Coordination of design/build team effort and prefabricated components to optimize project development/delivery at or below market cost.

Certification of a project with PHI or PHIUS

Precertification work and certification filing documentation, with Passive House Institute – Germany or Passive House Institute US for project certification.

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Thermal Calculation