Mission, Vision and Values

To fulfill our Mission we recognize that the directors, management and all staff must adhere to eight corporate values in carrying out our daily tasks.


To conduct business with honor

  • We have a moral duty to express in all aspects of our work the highest level of integrity, fairness and goodwill
  • Treat others with respect, dignity and common courtesy
  • Keep promises and commitments
  • Conduct all work activities ethically and with integrity
  • Aim for win-win solutions at all times
  • To exercise due diligence in the choice of companies we work with and in our advice to those who depend on our expertise
  • Protect the interests of stakeholders at all times


To provide goods and services of the highest quality

  • Seek and listen to customers
  • Exceed customer expectation
  • Treat customers with the outmost respect and common courtesy
  • Measure and continuously improve customer service and processes
  • Discharge and execute duties and responsibilities effectively and efficiently


To enhance the quality of human resources as the essence of management excellence

  • The welfare of colleagues and staff is our responsibility
  • Seek to be trained and seek to coach
  • Listen patiently and respect others view
  • Regular discussions and consultations are the norm in carrying out my work
  • Recognize and reward individual and team accomplishments


To pursue management vision and foster entrepreneurship

  • Treat the business as your own business
  • Take the initiative to get things done
  • Seek opportunities to cross-sell Group products
  • Take ownership of my responsibilities and duties
  • Respond to challenges to make company the best in class
  • Explore opportunity to improve efficiency and productivity


To ensure oneness in purpose, harmony and friendship in the pursuit of prosperity for all

  • Value and encourage teamwork
  • Connect my ideas to the ideas of others
  • Provide needed information, support and assistance to colleagues to succeed
  • Learn from others and build on their accomplishments
  • Maintain a united front


To nurture and be committed to innovation

  • Share freely ideas with colleagues and customers
  • There is always a better way to do my work
  • Value diverse opinions and ideas
  • Creativity is encouraged in our Company


To improve existing operations and to position for expansion and new opportunities

  • Improve through continuous learning
  • Accept transfers, recommendations and redeployment as an opportunity
  • Shared ownership for career advancement
  • Embrace new methods of working, usage of new equipment/machinery and technology application


To create wealth for the betterment of society

  • Care for the environment in the course of our daily work activities
  • Participates and contributes to the welfare of the community
  • Reaching out to the community